Nobody Knows Grass Like A Hippie!

The best in natural lawn care, period! Are you down with SSB? (Support Soil Biology)


Everything we do is based on feeding the soil first and 

improving soil structure. 

What we do!

Before you choose Hippie Fertilizing it's important to know what we do. We fix lawns... Fast! How do we fix lawns? We improve soil health and soil structure by adding quality soil, organic fertilizer and our own proprietary soil stimulate we call Hippie Juice!  To us the most important reason is why.  We want to provide a superior service without the chemicals. Hippie Fertilizing has 2 rules we stand by, 1. All of our products must Support Soil Biology & 2. It has to be safe to touch with our bare hands. PERIOD!

Thank you for checking out Hippie Fertilizing. If you are looking for the best in Natural Lawn Care look no further. We keep it all Organic all the time. We provide 3 main services.

  1. Hippie Juice: Liquid Soil Stimulate Our Hippie Juice is made of some simple yet Powerful Ingredients: Molasses, Humic Acid, and Seaweed. (Along with some other Secret goodies too : ) all of them are Natural and Support Soil Biology.)
  2. Granular Fertilizing: We provide Granular Fertilizing applications along with our Topdressing and Foliar Spray Services. We only use Micro Life Organic Fertilizers. The most common being Super Soil Conditioner and Hippie Blend
  3. Lawn Top Dressing: We provide quality sandy soil blends that help improve overall soil structure for better water absorption and moisture retention. Most of us have St Augustine lawns. These lawns grow best in sandy loam. We help create the best sandy loam in town!